Sunday, March 30, 2014

Xavier's Jungle Animal Themed Baby Book

Well I guess it's time for the next generation to start having babies.  My niece (brother's second daughter) is having a boy in June.  She liked the books I made for her sister and step-mom.  I asked her if she would like one and what theme.  She chose the jungle animal theme.  This is his finished book.  I will send it to her for the baby shower.  I'm sure she will like it and I hope you do to.  Thanks for looking.

I made this album using the Cricut Explore and purchased .svg files.  The page theme animals were files purchased from Crafty Cat 957 designs.  She is in the UK and I absolutely love the looks of the animals.  The smaller animals on the pages were from Cricut or Stamps of Life stamps/dies.  The panther on the very front was made using a coloring book page.  I made several copies and cut them into pieces.  I then glued them to cardstock to give them some stability.  I traced each piece onto the paper and hand cut them before assembling.

Front cover.  The trees were cut out of vaneer using the Explore.  This vaneer was thin and the regular blade was used on poster board setting.

Stork is a Cricut file.  The date, weight, time ovals was drawn onto the paper using the copper metallic pen and then cut.

Butterfiles are Cricut files.

Lady bugs are Stamps of Life stamps/dies

Grasshopper is a Cricut file.

Dragonflies are Cricut.

Snail is Stamps of Life stamp/die

The tree, bird and grass are Cricut files.

This tree was cut using the deep cut blade on my Explore.  The material was thick birch vaneer.  I turned the dial to custom and used the thick chipboard setting.  It cut it like it was going through butter.  The clouds are Stamps of Life stamps/dies.  The tree, owl and leaves are Cricut files.

This picture doesn't do this justice.  I cut the cat tails from a Cricut file and they add so much to this page.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture but just couldn't capture what I wanted everyone to see.  The very small alligator is also Cricut.

I love these vines from Cricut.

Sweet Baby Boy is drawn on the cardstock using the copper metallic pen in the Explore.  The Ostrich is a Cricut file.

Thanks so much for looking, I hope I inspired someone to make a jungle animal theme project.

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Baby Book and Photo Book

When I worked, several of my employees had babies.  So I did what I always do, I made a baby book.  This book was a little different because they were going with a Vintage Alice in Wonderland theme.  It was a difficult to find things.  So I purchased some downloadable items from Etsy and made my own.  This is the book I ended up with.  I thought it turned out really well.  Their little girl was named Leni Grace.

The artwork was some of the items purchased from Etsy.  I would put the paper/cardstock that I was going to use for each page and print the artwork onto it.

Front cover

Pocket pages

Accordian photo holder

Pocket page

Magnetic cards

I then took the downloaded pages from the original book and made this photo book.  I added the title to the spine with my computer and printer prior to adding it to the book.

Hope I inspired someone to do a Vintage Alice in Wonderland book.  Thanks for looking.