Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby book

I had an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion in December.  I have been going to physical therapy to help with the recovery.  One of my techs is James.  He is going to be a new Dad in April.  He is so excited.  I asked him the normal questions, what, when, name, theme, etc.  He told me that they were having a girl and not going to name her until they meet her.  They have no specific theme but the colors are teal, black, and a touch of pink.

I love to make mini books so I decided to make a book for his baby girl.  I found it hard not to include more pink but I do like the way the book turned out.  I even made a box to match.  I sure hope he and his wife like it.

Update:  James loved it and said he couldn't wait to take it home to his wife.  He said the colors were exactly what they wanted.  I'm happy!


  1. This mini is quite stunning Fran. I absolutely love the teal on black. Your therapist has good taste! Has the baby arrived yet?