Monday, February 11, 2013

Beach Mini Book

I thought I would continue with the mini books since I seem to enjoy it so much.  This mini is made with Authentique papers, stickers, stamps (Unity & Authentique got together and Rubbernecker), then a little sand, seashells, and starfish from Michaels.  I used the Cinch to make the holes and one of their 1" coils.  I like the looks of the coil but I sure didn't like putting it together.  They aren't as easy as the wires.  Hope you like it.

Inside the front cover is a little pocket with a journaling card. The embellies were the stamp set from Unity/Authentique that go with this line of paper.

On the front cover, I used a little "The Rubber Cafe" glue to put the sand down.  When it dried, I coated the sand with PVA to keep it from rubbing off.  I then hot glued the seashells and starfish on.

A covered chipboard for a picture and journaling on the back.  I held it in with a belly band and pop dotted the sticker to hold it up.

I cut out one of the cards from the paper line and used it as a pocket to hold the cut out postcards from the line.  I glued the postcards to white card stock to be used as journaling or for pictures.

This page has two picture holders and embellished with stickers.

I made an open pocket to hold the covered chipboard.  Again it can be used for a picture and journaling on the back.  The nailhead was sanded and then painted with Magic Metallic.  I wanted a patina on the nailhead to seem like it has been in the sea air.

Page for a picture.

This stamp is from Rubbernecker.  I thought of an old timey boardwalk along the sea.

Page to put pics or ephemera on.

Another pocket with picture/journaling card.

This page was embellished with starfish.

Another belly band and pop dotted sticker to hold a picture/journaling card.

This page also has a pocket in between the two pages.

Page for a picture or ephemera.

A picture page.

This is the paper covered chipboard that goes between the two pages.  I loved the stamp of the fisherman from Rubbernecker.

Decorated page.


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  2. Very cool mini. I love the sandy detail on the cover. Your mini books are beautiful and inspiring.