Friday, May 31, 2013

New iPhone Case

Since I love, love, love Donald Duck, last year for Mother's Day, my daughter and her then fiancé gave me the Donald Duck iPhone case.  Well, in a years time, I have dropped my phone numerous times and the case cracked.  My DH tried to fix it but it just didn't work.  The case just seems to be getting worse so I decided I needed a new one.  I couldn't find another Donald Duck.  Then inspiration struck or better yet my ditzy brain decided I would make my own.  I found a soft/flexible case for my phone that was clear, hopefully it won't break as easy if at all, at Best Buy.  Using CCR, Mickey and Friends at 3.306 height, and Cricut vinyl, this is what I created.  I am very pleased with it.  However, I am not a vinyl expert and my fear is that he will start peeling.  Any suggestions?

                                                     This is the current case that is broken

                                                      Side/top view showing the damage

                                                                 New case!!!


  1. I looked all over Disney World for a Donald Duck iPhone case and couldn't find one. Love that you created your own! You could always "flip" the images so that Donald is on the inside of your phone case???