Saturday, July 20, 2013


I have three grandchildren and all three of them have birthdays within 20 days of each other.  My youngest is Nico and he just turned 4.  Ayva is the oldest and she will be 6 next week.  Then Kingston is the middle and he will be 5 exactly one week after Ayva.  Nico and Ayva are brother and sister so my son and his ex always do one party for the both of them.  Grandma (that's me) always makes the cakes from scratch.  This year, Nico wanted a chocolate cake with Superman and Ayva wanted a strawberry cake for a princess crown to be put on top.  So yesterday, I turned on the oven (we try not to do that very often during the summer here in AZ) and made two separate cakes.  While the cakes were cooling, I went in and made Superman for Nico's cake.  I thought he turned out pretty cute and Nico loved it.  He loved his cake too!  LOL!

This is Ayva and her pink cake with a crown.  Her mom put Ariel on it for some reason.

This is Nico with his Superman cake.  Again their mom put a different character than what he asked for (Spiderman this time).

I hot glued the Superman cutout to a skewer and stuck the skewer in the cake.  "Superman" was layered and glued to parchment paper.  Then I stuck it on top of the cake using toothpicks to hold it down over the round top.

Ayva put the crown on her cake as soon as we got there.  She was so cute!

Nico eating his chocolate cake with passion.

Ayva eating chocolate cake in big bites also.

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