Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wedding Invites and Travel Journal

I offered to make Leonore's wedding invites for the renewal ceremony.  She was thrilled with them and I have received a few compliments from recipients.  Leonore and her husband are going to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.  She adores my journals so I decided to make her one.  She really likes the eclectic look.  It's a 6 X 8 portfolio all handmade.  I included quite a few journal/picture cards as well as a waterfall for pics.  I know she will be delighted.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Using my laser printer and the Minc, I made the celebrate in purple.  I cut the tags out with Cricut, embossed the green tag, and attached a LOVE charm.

Close up view of embossed tag with charm.

Coat of Arms printed from computer, fussy cut, and adhered.  The month and year are cut from Cricut and adhered.

Inside the portfolio. This page opens up to more pic/journal cards.  It is magnetized to stay together.

This is the back portion of the portfolio.  I placed a waterfall for pics and topped it with a pic/journal card.

This is the inside section.  Two areas to hold pic/journal cards and the bottom flap is magnetized.

Top flap of inside section.  I used my envelop maker to create an envelop for ephemera.

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